Our Classes and Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Craik – Head teacher

Mrs Forbes – Deputy Head Teacher

Ms Doyle – Acting Deputy Head Teacher


Classes and Teachers


Class Teacher
SFL Mrs Skene
SFL Mrs Ross
Nursery Miss Gibson
P1R Miss Ritchie
P1W Miss Watt
P1/2 Miss Bremner
P2 Miss Gordon
P3 Miss Hughes
P3/4 Mrs Green and Mrs Watson
P4 Mrs Farthing
P4/5 Mr Lawton
P5 Mrs Murray
P6C Mrs Cameron
P6G Mr Gray (PT)
P7T Mrs Talbot
P7M Miss Middleton
Mrs Taylor
ICT Mr Cahill
Music Ms Thornton
PE Mr Mayo
MLPS Mrs Gordon


Pupil Support Assistants

Mrs Gray

Mrs Blackmore

Mrs Crawford

Mrs Strachan

Mrs Fraser

Mrs Nicol

Mrs Sheridan

Mrs Webster

Mrs Smart

Mrs Bova

Janitorial Staff

Mr Smith

Mr Malcolm

Mr Beaton