Parent Council

Alford Primary School has an enthusiastic & committed Parent Council.  The Parent Council provides Parents & Carers with the opportunity to contribute to school life, for the benefit of all children and young people.  Everyone involved with the Parent Council gets great insight into the running of the School, and they can also influence the school, supporting important new developments.  Across the school year the full Parent Council meets five times.  In addition to which we have theme based working groups focused on a number of areas including: Social & Fundraising, Curriculum Development, and Communications.


The Parent Council proper consists of 12 Committee members whom strive to attend the majority of meetings and support key decisions across the year.  Alongside which, we have a number of co-opt members including Alford Primary School’s Head Teacher and local Councillors. Each year the Committee aims to secure a Parent/Carer representative from each year group within the Primary School.  In addition to which we have a number of Parents & Carers who support Parent Council activity in other, non-formal, ways. This might include event support and/or attending meetings as an affiliate member.


We welcome anyone with an interest in learning more about the Parent Council – please don’t hesitate to get in touch, attend a meeting or one of our popular events.


For further information, please contact:

Please click on the link below to read our Parent Council Constitution. Please see links at the bottom of the page for relevant appendices.

Alford Primary Parent Council Constitution – Feb 2018


Our Parent Council Core Activities Include:


Alford Parent Council is focused on making sure Parents and Carers are ‘in the know’ about all the important activities going on at the School. We try and get information and reminders out electronically, through the use of Facebook and school circulars, as well as posting updates in the regular school newsletter.


Social & Fundraising

Alford Primary Parent Council run events throughout the year to raise funds for the School and to bring our families together for fun social events. This year the group have organised discos, Christmas fayre, Beetle Drive, and much more. These events in the past have raised funds that have helped purchase classroom resources, playground equipment, first aid training, and supported end of year events.


Headteacher Input

Alford Parent Council is interested in what our children learn and how they learn it. At the moment our main focus is supporting the school’s curriculum.  In addition to which we focus upon attending local and national curriculum meetings, as well as gathering and disseminating curriculum information to Parents and Carers. We aim to keep everyone up to date with new approaches as they are brought into use at Alford Primary, keeping Alford at the leading edge of learning.


Grounds & Environment

Alford Parent Council aims to maintain and improve the school environment in a number of ways.  We focus on the safety of our children on their journey to school, encourage walking and cycling where possible, and safer parking for all.  We encourage Parents/Carers, and other partners, to get involved in gardening and planting activity. We also coordinate with the School to provide help and expertise for sustainability.


Year Representatives & Parental/Carer Engagement

Alford Parent Council strives to have year representatives whom provide a connection between the School, the Parent Council and Parents/Carers. Each representative plays an active role at Parent Council meetings, and are on hand to communicate and share information with other Parents & Carers. Year representatives also support Fundraising & Social activity, by recruiting/identifying parents to help at events, and by getting involved in the running of events.  Looking ahead, we are also keen to explore how Parents & Carers can play a more active role in the classroom and across the life of the school.


Here is a breakdown our current committee:

Name 2019/20 Role Year Group(s) Represented
Pete Young Chair P2 / P6
Eleanor Noble Treasurer P5
Jenn Buckley Secretary P1 / P4 / P5
Lisa Moir ASN Lead P6
Jonathan Christie Committee Member P3 / P5
Amy Wilson Committee Member P4
Stephanie Mackenzie Committee Member P3 / P5 / P7
Simon Heys Committee Member P3
Louisa Ross Committee Member P7
Karen Leven Committee Member P5
Sarah Mason Committee Member P2
Theresa Holder Committee Member Nursery / P5


Parent Council

Co-opted Members/ Affiliate Members / Interested Parties

Elaine McGowan (Head Teacher)

Matt Lofthouse (Depute Head Teacher)

Councillor John Latham

Councillor Robbie Withey

Becky Grant

Angela Tosh

Lynne Simpson

Susan Brown

Tracey Anderson

Shona Barclay

Stuart Hepburn

Diane Leat

Carys Steven

Ewelina Bronk-Myszk

Alford Primary School Constitution – Appendix 1

Alford Primary School Constitution – Appendix 2

Alford Primary School Constitution – Appendix 3